Step Up’s Programs & Services in Sacramento County

In 2021, Step Up expanded its services into the City of Sacramento and began providing wraparound services, housing coordination and retention services to individuals experiencing chronic homelessness and mental health conditions.

Our first referrals were accepted in May 2021, and since then our team has moved more than 100 individuals into housing units by utilizing housing vouchers, motel vouchers, interim housing, and rental assistance.  Housing and services in Sacramento are expected to grow quickly.

The program in Sacramento is currently managed by Step Up’s Vice President of Programs, a Program Director, 1 Program Manager, 2 Housing Specialists, 1 Case Manager, and 2 Outreach Coordinators.

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Permanent Supportive Housing Locations in Sacramento County

Individual Housing Units – Sacramento

Individual housing units provide scattered site permanent supporting housing to individuals throughout the city of Sacramento. These units are integrated with existing housing and provide

For more information, please contact the Director of Northern California Programs Sierra Edwards at

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