Member-Driven Supportive Services

Reduce Harm, Prevent Relapse, and Foster Recovery

Professional staff, some of whom are Peer Advocates (individuals who have experienced mental health conditions and/or homelessness and are in the process of recovery), provide assistance to members as they achieve their self-determined goals. Step Up’s service coordination includes psychiatrists for medication care; transportation; weekly support groups covering a range of topics from story-telling to managing medications and money management, along with a variety of creative activities like art and writing classes; and a Computer Learning Center where members can learn basic computer skills. Additionally, a Parent Support Group provides experience, strength, and hope for family members.

Client Run Center (CRC)

Through Step Up’s Client Run Center (CRC) at Step Up on Second, peers seek to engage members who are withdrawn and/or struggling with symptoms preventing them from actively seeking support. With peer-support, these members are more likely to be encouraged to access treatment. Members also meet weekly in the Member Advisory Council (MAC). The MAC provides a forum for feedback and problem-solving. Volunteering is also an essential component of Step Up member participation.

Peer groups cover a broad range of social, education, creative, and informational topics. An active monthly member class schedule offers over sixty peer support groups with topics including learning how to tell your story; computer basics; managing medications; yoga; techniques for job interviews; and money management.

How to Become a Member of Step Up

Potential members can come in for an initial screening between 8:30am – 1:00pm Monday – Thursday to Step Up On Second at 1328 Second Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401.

After the screening, you will receive an appointment for an intake. The only documentation that is needed is the proof of diagnosis.

After completion of the intake appointment, the potential member becomes a provisional member for 30 days with access to all general services: meals, groups, showers, laundry, referrals, and support. After the 30-day provisional membership, members can request additional services.

Step Up is open daily 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday-Friday and closed on some holidays.


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