Member Spotlight: Jennifer’s Story

“Being homeless is horrible. Every place I called wanted to split us up. I just couldn’t do that. We’re a family. We needed to stay together.”  One of Jennifer’s favorite things to do is cook for her family. She loves to bring her mother and her daughters together over a big pot of chili. “It […]

Member Spotlight: Mario

“Living down by the river, I was most scared of the animals. You never knew when a coyote or a mountain lion might get too close. But the worst part was the loneliness. I really missed my family.” For most of his 50s, Mario lived in a tent near the river in his city. He […]

Member Spotlight: William

“I’ve learned that all at once you can lose everything. That’s why I’m so grateful for organizations like Step Up. Sometimes you just need a little help to get back on your feet.” William found out he was losing his home just days after his aunt passed away. For the last several years he had lived […]

Home for the Holidays: Kelly’s Story

Help bring families like Kelly’s home for the holidays this year. When Kelly first found Step Up, he had one goal: to make sure that his granddaughter, Johannah, could fall asleep in a real bed as she eagerly awaited the arrival of the holidays. For more than a year, he, his wife, his son, and […]

A Bright Future: Allan’s Story

“I always had a house and food. I never had to worry before. But now I had nothing, and it seemed impossible to find help.”  Allan had been living in his apartment for more than a year when he got the notice that his lease was being terminated. He was in the midst of recovering from […]

Courtney’s Journey: From Home to Healing

“I know that if I was able to overcome everything I went through in the past years, I can overcome anything.” Courtney was 20 years old when she started hearing voices. At first, she didn’t understand why she could hear things that no one else could. Then the hallucinations started. Not understanding what was happening, […]

Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness: James’ Story

“I never imagined I would experience homelessness, but I wasn’t about to give up. There’s still so much more for me to do.”  James has always been a hands-on, hardworking man. He spent years in the flooring industry and dedicated decades to developing and sharing his experiences in the trades. When local teenagers would stop […]

Member Spotlight: Ruben & Roberta

“Once you experience homelessness, there’s this fear of it happening again.   Coming to Step Up was like coming home.”  — Ruben, US Army Veteran, Step Up Member     On any given night in the United States, more than 33,000 veterans will experience homelessness.   At Step Up, we believe that’s 33,000 too many. To help bring […]

Housing, Hope, and Healing: Stanley’s Journey Home

“I’ve been through a lot—and I’m still going through a lot, but I’m not going to give up. I don’t let fear stop me. I have to keep going.”  Serving in the United States Army for two tours, Stanley is no stranger to courage. And so, the decision to move to California after nearly 10 […]

Member Spotlight: Kelly and Johanna

“I am so grateful that Johanna and I have a safe and affordable place to live!” – Kelly, Step Up Member Kelly is a US Airforce veteran, a carpenter, and a father—but one of his favorite hats to wear is Grandpa. Kelly lives with and supports his granddaughter, Johanna – a spunky four-year-old who loves to […]

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